Paddy – available for adoption


Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Leishmania+ (Titer: 1.3021) – Therapy: Allopurinol
Heartworms+ (Titer: 0.7460) – Therapy: Ivermectin + Dovicin

We found Paddy in the beginning of 2019 in home-made shelter ‘Paladine’ in the mountains of Bar, coastal Montenegro. Paddy was dying. He tested positive for leishmania and heartworms. Leishmania slowly started to eat his body alive and he already lost one ear, little piece of his nose and a toe due to leish. But this brave fighter defeated all odds and was nursed back to health.

Paddy is a young, active boy who wants to explore the world. Paddy has lots of energy and needs daily mental and physical challenge to balance it. We are looking for a Home for him with a very good secured garden, no other dogs nor cats, and an owner experienced with power breeds

Good with:

  • dogs: no
  • cats: no
  • children: not tested

If you are interested in adopting/fostering Paddy, please fill in our ‘Adoption/foster request‘-form online.

If you have more questions about Paddy, don’t hesitate to mail to

Paddy has no secured sponsor. Any donation, however small, towards his care is thus very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal (keyword: Paddy). -Thank you

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