Balu – available for adoption

DOB: 3-01-2018 (estimated)

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Medical: Fully vaccinated; passed rabiës blood titer test

We rescued Balu, his siblings (Mareike (RIP), Zora, Zoë, Hado and Riley) and mom Greta (terriër mix) from the streets of Stari Bar (Montenegro) in march 2018. Balu was only a tiny baby back then. The family lived in an abandoned building near the hospital. As the pups grew older, they started to follow their mom which increased the chances of car hittings, so we took the whole family in safety.

Balu is a young boy who is in foster care since he was a tiny baby. He doesn’t know much yet about the outside world. Currently he lives in an enclosure with about 30 other dogs. Balu is good with other dogs, not tested with cats nor children. Balu is still a bit timid to humans but his exploring and playful character will make him blossom very quickly.

Good with:

  • dogs: yes
  • cats: not tested
  • children: not tested

If you are interested in adopting/fostering Balu, please fill in our ‘Adoption/foster request‘-form online.

If you have more questions about Balu, don’t hesitate to mail to

Balu has no secured sponsor. Any donation, however small, towards his care is thus very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal (keyword: Balu). -Thank you

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