Pitbull puppy scheduled for euthanasia TOMORROW! #help

URGENT! DRINGEND! EMERGENCY! WE HAVE 24H TO SAVE THIS BABY FROM DEATH!!! We were contacted by a local Montenegro rescuer to help this puppy. The owner who breeds pitbulls wants to dispose of him due to crooked legs that seem to be the result of inbreeding. The otherwise healthy seeming pup is scheduled for euthanasia … More Pitbull puppy scheduled for euthanasia TOMORROW! #help

Family needs help

This might be one of the cutest floppy-eared families you will ever see. Meet Petra and her 4 pups Bruno (m), Mani (f), Cleo (f) and Sally (f). We pulled the whole family off the streets when the pups were only about 1,5 month old. Fast forward to today, the suitcases of this lovely family … More Family needs help

Beni #meetanewfriend

Vesna bumped into heartbreaker Beni a week ago and fell in love instantly. Beni was wandering homeless and disorientated in the streets of Bar centar. Vesna asked us if we could take this fluffy teddy on SAM. How could we not. Despite the fact Beni looks good, his condition was far from healthy. Beni tested … More Beni #meetanewfriend

Adopt me!

Looking for a new best friend? Big/tiny, chubby/athletic, young/old, we have them all… And the best part is: They are all rescued! Think about it, there are not enough Homes. Buying a bred pup means killing a homeless soul. It’s simple math. So, adopt, and never shop! Please click here to find more info per … More Adopt me!

Goldie – Adopted

DOB: 4-04-2017 (estimated)Sex: maleSize: medium/bigNeutered: yes Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Vaccinated; passed rabiës blood titer test History:We met Goldie a few times while he was still living in the streets of Bar; one time with the Franca pack and next time at bushes where tiny dog houses are built. Every time he stole our … More Goldie – Adopted

Hado – available for adoption

DOB: 3-01-2018 (estimated)Sex: maleSize: mediumNeutered: yes Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Fully vaccinated; passed rabiës blood titer test History:We rescued Hado, his siblings (Mareike (RIP), Zora, Zoë, Riley and Balu) and mom Greta (terriër mix) from the streets of Stari Bar (Montenegro) in march 2018. Hado was only a tiny baby back then. The family … More Hado – available for adoption