Emergency – Chupko’s lower lip torn apart

Our heart broke when we saw little Chupko at Paladini, a place in Bar mountains where about 50 rescues are kept.
Chupko’s lower lip is completely torn apart. We were told he was attacked by other dogs… The wound ‘healed’ but we may not think of the pain this poor boy went through.

Chupko needs at least reconstructive surgery, to minimize the chances his face would be ripped apart, if there would be another attack on him… We are aiming at €150 to reconstruct his lower lip. Any donation, however small, towards this poor boy can be made through PayPal http://www.paypal.me/strayMNE; keyword: Chupko.

Needless to say Chupko needs so much more than reducing the damage done to his little face. Chupko is only 2 years young, has leishmania and recieves no treatment whatsoever. To be able to give him daily meds, Chupko would need to be moved to a foster place.

Chupko’s life in numbers…:

  • Foster fee €40/month for about 6 months: €240
  • 4D-test: €25
  • Leishmania blood titer test + general blood check: €50
  • Milteforan + allopurinol: €130
  • Vaccines (2 regular + rabiës) + passport + chip: €50
  • Rabiës blood titer test: €75
  • Transport: €150
    TOTAL: €720

Please get in contact if you would like to sponsor Chupko on a long term base. For now we must focus on collecting the €150 needed to reconstruct his lower lip. Depending on the funds that come in for him, we either have to bring him back to Paladini, or he can start his treatment at a foster place.

Please help us to give the World to Chupko.

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