Chupko operated on lower lip

Thank you so much everyone who donated towards Chupko. The money for his emergency operation was raised and yesterday this handsome boy had a reconstructive lip operation after a general health check. The surgery went well and even more, Chupko tested negative for all diseases! To be 100% sure we will test him on leishmania blood titer but first this little chap needs to rest.

Chupko is a lovely boy and weighs 8,7kg. Our dream would be not returning him to Paladini mountains but to a lovely furrever Home instead. Any donation, however small, to keep Chupko safe in foster care (€40/month) is very much appreciated and can be made through PayPal (keyword: Chupko). Chupko can legally travel in about 4,5 months.

Adoption/foster requests already can be submitted by filling in our online ‘adoption/foster request’-form.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to mail to

Thank you so much for giving the World to Chupko.

Click here to read the previous post about Chupko.

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