Beni #meetanewfriend

Vesna bumped into heartbreaker Beni a week ago and fell in love instantly. Beni was wandering homeless and disorientated in the streets of Bar centar. Vesna asked us if we could take this fluffy teddy on SAM. How could we not.

Despite the fact Beni looks good, his condition was far from healthy. Beni tested positive for heartworms and anaplasma. Vet said his blood was so dark and thick, he must have been without water for a long time…

But that is all over for Beni. Beni started his treatment and will be nursed back to health. We have no reserve money to use for Beni nor any donation towards him yet, but we could not refuse to let him fend on his own. Any donation, however small, towards Beni’s care (€50/month foster fee, vet tests, vaccinations, castration, etc.) is very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal (keyword: Beni).

Thank you for helping us to give Beni His Chance.

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