Family needs help

This might be one of the cutest floppy-eared families you will ever see. Meet Petra and her 4 pups Bruno (m), Mani (f), Cleo (f) and Sally (f).

We pulled the whole family off the streets when the pups were only about 1,5 month old. Fast forward to today, the suitcases of this lovely family are prepared and the tiny pups grew into beautiful young adults. A kind sponsor donated €250 towards their €375-rabies-blood-titer-test bill but we are struggling to collect monthly €200 (€40/dog) foster fee to keep these 10 floppy ears safe.
Any donation, however small, is thus very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal. Please mention for which dog of this lovely family you like to donate.

Bruno, Mani, Sally, Cleo and Petra can travel from beginning of August 2019. The date of birth of the puppers is estimated at 18-08-2018 and mom Petra is about 2 years old.

If you like more info on these floppy ears, don’t hesitate to mail to

Thank you for helping us to keep this family off the the deadly streets.

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