Puppy boom in Bar #help

Yesterday a tiny puppy joined Ella’s little family. The puppy was rescued by caring tourists and is smaller than a shoe. After testing negative for parvo, the mini musketeer bravely joined Ella and her pups. Ella rejected it at first but this morning the tiny pup was allowed to drink milk from Ella.

Monday the family will be moved to a paid foster place. Any donation, however little, to keep this sweet expanded family safe, is very much welcome and can be made through our PayPal (keywords: Ella and pups).

Thank you so so much to their temporary foster mom Angelique who opened her heart and Home for them, thank you pet shop Fenix for again finding solutions when the situation seems hopeless, thank you to the caring tourists who rescued the tiny pup and thank you to Marie and Anni for donating towards Ella and her pups. 


This small mom was mercilessly dumped in front of pet shop ‘Fenix’ in Bar, Montenegro. Mom was tied with a rope; pups were found in a bucket next to mom… 

Unfortunately we are no magicians. All fosters are more than full and parvo is spreading like fire. We had no choice than to leave the mom and pups in pet shop Fenix the first night. The mess next day showed us they made a little party during the night.

Luckily a kind hearted sponsor who lives partially in MNE came to the rescue and took the mom and pups into her Home and heart. They can stay a few days as she leaves the country soon but this gives us a little time to prepare a foster place for them. Mom thanked her already a thousand times, she said.

Any donation, however small, towards this sweet family is very much appreciated as we are struggling financially. Our PayPal is www.paypal.me/strayMNE. Please mention it’s for Ella and her pups.

Thank you for helping us to give this sweet mom and her 4 babies a chance at life.

your SAM-team
🐾 Reg. n°: 0719.431.57 
🌐 www.strayaidmontenegro.be
💟 www.paypal.me/strayMNE

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