Scarface #dontforgetme

We pulled Scarface from the streets of Bar in March 2018, his skeletal body covered with fighting scars and he could barely open his eyes due to an infection. Scarface tested positive for both leishmania and heartworms.

Fast forward to today, Scarface was treated for heartworms and is on therapy for leishmania. His scars are cured and on the outside you wouldn’t believe this boy was on the edge of Death. Soon Scarface will go to the vet to get his blood checked again.

Scarface stole many hearts but the donations towards this brave boy stopped by time. And Scarface is still far from being rescued…
Any donation, however little, towards Scarface (foster fee is €40/month) is very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal. Keyword: Scarface 🖤

Scarface’s suitcase is ready, which means he can leave the country where he was abused so badly, when a foster or forever family opens their heart and Home for him. We are looking for an owner experienced with power breeds. Scarface can not be placed with other dogs, especially no dominant male dogs, and also cats he doesn’t like at all. But Scarface would love his new best friend to the moon and back. He would do everything for him, even if that means fighting when he had the bad luck of falling in the hands of the wrong person.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated towards him in the past and was able to see through his scars. Please do not forget him. He will only really be rescued when he is snoring in a sofa surrounded by his family.

For more info about Scarface, please mail to
For adoption/foster requests, please click here.

Your SAM-team

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