Greta, still fighting

Our Greta collapsed a week ago, the night from Saturday to Sunday, after recieving her last dose milteforan to battle her leishmania.
Greta was washed, massaged but kept collapsing when she tried to get up, so we rushed her to the clinic in Ulcinj where she is ever since.

We thought leishmania made her collaps but tests reveiled she is suffering from toxoplasmose too. Greta got daily infusions and daily visits with delicious food to keep her motivated to fight.

Today Greta got her last infusion for toxoplasmose and she can walk again! She eats and drinks very well and her poop is solid.

Monday Greta will undergo new blood tests and further treatment plus her stay at the clinic will be discussed. We hope to have her soon stable again and out of the clinic, so we can continue to battle with her against leishmania and her skin problems.

Thank you so much to her wonderful Godmother for giving Greta everything she needs. Thank you to her foster family for fighting for and with Greta. Their daily visits mean the world to her.

Please keep our Greta in your mind. She has a hard time right now but is fighting into the right direction!

Video’s of Greta while in clinic:

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