We present to you: Ella’s pups #meetanewfriend

We present you Ella’s pups, who are just a few of the frillion pups dumped daily. These 4 musketeers were dumped in a bucket, next to their mom, in front of pet shop ‘Fenix’ in Bar, Montenegro.

Look at their cute helpless faces… Another example to adopt and never shop!

Here goes (from top left to bottom right):

Missie: Missie is the only girl. She is very social and playful ❤

Pancho: Pancho is a little timid but enjoys the attention of his human friends when he can trust them 💙

Minnie: Minnie is very brave and social. His short legs make us think he will look most like mom 💙

Serna: Serna was a little timid but turned into a playful pup very quickly 💙

Any donation, however little, towards the care of these tiny babies is very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal. Dont forget to mention for which pupper you like your donation to go to.

We have not enough words to thank their temporary foster mom Angelique, who opened her heart and Home for Ella and her pups. Also a big thank you to pet shop ‘Fenix’, for again finding solutions when the situation seems hopeless.

To read the previous post about Ella’s little family, please click here.

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