Odri suffers from toxoplasmose

After almost loosing our Greta to toxoplasmose, now Odri tested positive too for the same disease.

We have no experience with toxoplasmose as it’s quite rare for dogs to get infected with it. Most vets in MNE don’t even have tests for it, so we drove Odri to the same clinic where Greta was diagnosed, about 30km from Bar.

Greta is recovering well and also Odri will be fine now she gets the right treatment.

Both Greta and Odri come from Paladini, a place in the mountains in Bar where about 60 street dogs are kept. To be sure, we need to test at least 2 other dogs we pulled out of Paladini on toxoplasmose.

Our vet bills are piling up and we can use every help to be able to pay Odri’s bill of €72, her treatment and the toxo tests for at least 2 other SAM-dogs.

Every donation, however little, is thus very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal http://www.paypal.me/strayMNE (keyword: toxo).

Thank you so much to help us finance the diagnose and treatment of our toxo positive rescues,

your SAM-team

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