Bici positive on toxoplasmose

What we feared became reality, also Bici is positive on toxoplasmose ๐Ÿ˜“

Our elegant Bici was pulled out of Paladini, a place in Bar mountains where about 50 homeless animals are kept, as she continued losing weight. She tested positive for leishmania with a very high titer. Bici recieved allopurinol and milteforan but still we struggled to fatten her up.

After Greta collapsed on toxoplasmose, we decided to test all the dogs we took from Paladini on toxo. This costs us a little fortune and we still have a handfull dogs we need to bring to Veterinum clinic to test on toxoplasmose as vets in Bar don’t have test for it.

Bici currently only weighs 13,2kg. Her blood is very bad and she had parasites too, that, according to the vet, can stuck because of their size and not leave the body after a normal deworming. So our Bici was dewormed again. Vet suggested to stop with allopurinol as it is much for Bici’s tiny body at the moment. She got a vitamine shot and is recieving antibiotics to cure toxoplasmose. Only when toxo is under control, our gentle Bici will start to gain weight again.

We have good Hopes for Bici. Finally we know what causes her weight loss and she is happy at her foster place.

Any donation, however little, is so much appreciated to help us pay for her vet bill of โ‚ฌ90. Donations can be made through:

  • PayPal: (keyword: Bici)
  • bank account:
    IBAN: BE40 3631 8770 7063
    (keyword: Bici)

Million thanks to help us help our sweet Bici,

your SAM-team ๐Ÿพ
Reg. nยฐ: 0719.431.578

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