Our Medo aka Little Lion =)

Medo passed his rabiës blood titer test and can travel soonest from end of August 2019. Any donation, however little, towards our little sergeant is very much appreciated as he has no regular sponsor. Donations can be made through:

Please mention you like your donation to go to Medo ❤

Thank you for marching together with Medo and us towards his happily ever after,

your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

🆘 Kidnapped but found again – Barbi & Medo/Little Lion

Barbi and Medo aka Little Lion lived at the hospital of Stari Bar for over a year. An abandoned building filled with trash was their Home and they were being fed regularly by local animal rescuers. Barbi went into our TNR-program and was sterilized.

However one day both Barbi and Medo disappeard. Day after day they lived at the hospital and now they were not there anymore. Local animal lovers searched for them and luckily they were found, but on the streets of another city, called Ulcinj… Quickly we learned that more dogs from Bar centar where moved to Ulcinj. By whom and why? We don’t know…

Local rescuers brought back all the ‘Bar-dogs’ to Bar (some were not to be found yet 😦 ) but Barbi and Medo wouldn’t be safe anymore at the hospital grounds in Stari Bar. We could not risk their safety and brought them both into safe foster care.

Due to our financial situation we have to ask your help, yet again. 2 extra dogs under our wings costs us a lot of money. Any donation, however little, is thus very much appreciated and can be made through our PayPal Keywords: Barbi and/or Medo ❤

Thank you so much to local rescuers who fed these 2, gave them love, and did everything to find them when they went missing. You see, they are not ‘just’ street dogs, they are being fed, loved and very much missed when they disappear.

Your SAM-team

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