Tiny puppet Aaron

We found this little guy in Paladini, a place in Bar mountains where about 50 homeless animals are kept. The little puppet looked a bit lost and when we picked him up, he started to cuddle as if we were his mom. We believe Aaron was not older than a month old when we pulled him out of Paladini.

Aaron was dewormed, tested on parvo (luckily negative!) and went into private foster care where they do their best to give Aaron all what he needs to grow into the beautiful strong boy he will be.

Aaron is still very vulnurable, healthy, but we will only be at ease when he is double vaccinated. Due to his age, his first vaccination can only be given in about 2 weeks.

The rent of Aaron’s house (meaning his foster fee) is €20/month until he is 6 months old, then the foster fee will be €40/month. Any donation, however little, to help us pay the rent of Aaron’s temporary accomodation and vet bills, is so much appreciated and can be made through:

Keyword: Aaron ❤

Thank you for helping us to give this tiny puppet a chance in life,

Your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.57
🌐 http://www.strayaidmontenegro.be

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