Abby, good and bad news

Bummer for our Abby. Not only she lost her Home offer, a few days ago she tested positive for leishmaniosis. BUT little does she know she will go to a wonderful foster place in about 10 days! This means her days in Paladini mountains, days without medical attention, days of trying to survive, days of craving for human love, will be finally over soon! And being pampered she will =)

Abby recieved her vaccines and is safe for parvo. When she goes to her foster place (soon!) we will test leishmaniosis titer in her blood, to see in which stage the disease is, and we will draw blood for a general blood test. Further we need to test her on toxoplasmose as unfortunately many dogs coming from Paladini mountains test positive for the disease.

Fingers crossed for our little whirlwind beauty. Despite the bad news, we are sure moving her to foster in 10 days, will be a dream come true for Abby ❤

Thank you to everyone involved in Abby’s rescue and special thanks to her sponsor Alicja ❤

Your SAM-team 🐾
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