EUR 345 needed for rabies blood titer test

Thank you so much Flavia ❤ – €130 to go
Thank you so much Elizabeth, Liz and Chris ❤ – €190 raised so €155 to go 🙏

€345 needed by MONDAY 🧰 🏠

4 of our sweet rescues are ready for their rabies blood titer test, which is THE ticket to travel to their furrever Home! Unfortunately Chupko, Beni, Barbi and Itana have no regular sponsor meaning we need to collect the €345 needed to pay for their rabies blood titer test (RBTT) by THIS monday (19-08) 😳

For Barbi it’s the second time. A few months ago she bravely gave blood for her rabies blood titer test but the poor girl didn’t pass, meaning she needed another rabies shot followed by a month before she could grab her second chance.

The costs are as follows:

  • Barbi: €75 (RBTT)
  • Chupko: €75 (RBTT) + €15 (chip)
  • Beni: €75 (RBTT) + €15 (chip)
  • Itana: €75 (RBTT) + €15 (chip)
    TOTAL= €345

Any donation, however little, is so much appreciated and can be made through:

Please mention ‘RBTT’ and the name of the dog towards whose test you like to donate ❤

Thank you for helping us to pay their ticket to a better life,

your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site:
Amazon wishlist:

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