Monty #meetanewfriend

Happy cheerful Monty went bravely to the vet on Monday the 19th to give blood for his rabies blood titer test. Fingers crossed this happy boy passes! 🤞

Thank you to everyone who donated for him! Since recently this boy found his very own sponsor ❤

Your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site:

Meet Monty 😍 This sweet boy was brought into foster care by a caring tourist when he was just a tiny puppet. Monty grew into a beautiful happy teenager (video:

Due to circumstances, Monty is left unsponsored since last month. The foster contacted us, asking for help.

We at SAM are struggling financially and overwhelmed with more than 65-animals under our wings. But it’s Monty’s life we are talking about… Could you donate a little something to help us pay for Monty’s bills so he can become part of the SAM-family? His foster fee will be €40/month and he already got all vaccines, but needs his rabies blood titer still (€75) and in a few months he can be castrated (€40).
Any donation, however little, to save Monty’s life is very welcome and can be made through:
– PayPal:
– bank account:
IBAN: BE40 3631 8770 7063

Please mention it’s for Monty ❤
Thank you so much Chris for your donation towards Monty ❤

Thank you for helping us to save this little boy’s life,

Your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site:
Amazon wishlist:

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