Panda #meetanewfriend

Thank you so much, Anika! ❤ – RAISED 🐼❤
Thank you so much, Lisa! ❤ – €100 to go 🙏
Thank you so much, Anni! ❤ – €150 to go 🙏
Thank you so much, Martin! ❤ – €165 to go 🙏
Thank you so much, Daniela! ❤ – €175 to go 🙏

Thank you so much, Siim! ❤ – €195 to go 🙏
Thank you so much, Victoria! ❤ – €215 to go 🙏
Thank you so much, Flavia! ❤ – €225 to go 🙏
Thank you so much, Anika! ❤ – €100 raised – €250 to go 🙏

🆘 Can we welcome Panda to the SAM-family?

Milica Maja Lekovic rescued beautiful Panda from the streets after she noticed one of Panda’s legs was injured. Panda was cured and went today for sterilization, sponsored by Pelastetaan Koirat ry. If no further sponsor is found for Panda, she might need to return to the streets after recovery. Everyone is overwhelmed and struggle financially.

So we need your help to save this precious beauty. In order to welcome her to our family, we need to collect €350. The amount is based on:
– 5 months foster at €40/month: €200 
(dogs can legally leave Montenegro only minimum 4 months after their rabies vaccination due to the obliged rabies blood titer test)
– 4D-test: €25
– rabies blood titer test: €75
– 2 regular vaccines (2x€12) + rabies vaccine (€7) + passport (€4) + chip (€15): €50
– Defleeing, deworming, possible treatment when positive for 4D-test and transport we can recuperate from her adoption fee
TOTAL: €350

Why do we need to collect the full amount of €350 before we can take her into our SAM-family? 
When we post a first appeal to help a dog, often people do donate (thank you for that!), especially when it’s a ‘sad’ case. Unfortunately once we take the dog under our wings, often the donations for that dog stop, as the dog already is safe. Our unsponsored dogs (about 20) are a heavy financial burden for us. Once a dog is welcomed in the SAM-family, it stays under our wings, meaning, however badly we struggle financially, we never put a dog back to the streets. 

So, can we raise the €350 so Panda becomes a SAM-dog and will stay in foster care until she finds her purrfect forever Home?

Any donation, however small, to collect the €350 is very much appreciated and can be made through:
– PayPal:
– bank account:
IBAN: BE40 3631 8770 7063

Please mention it’s for Panda ❤

Updates about the amount collected will be posted regularly.

Did you fell in love with Panda? We understand 🙂

And yes, you can already apply to foster/adopt her by filling in following form:

We don’t have much information yet about Panda, foster says she is the sweetest girl. She is free and when she needs to do her business, she goes outside the house. Panda would make a perfect pet. Poor girl thinks she is rescued, but as you could read above, she is still far from rescued.

Please help us to give her a chance in life,

Your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site:

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