Remember this little froggy?

Thank you so much to everyone who donated towards our Karla 💚 Thanks to you Karla had her rabies blood titer test (which is THE ticket to travel) yesterday and we were able to buy another 28kg of Royal Canin Hypoallergenic for €141,7.

Remember this little froggy? 🥰

Karla had a rough start in life and came into the hands of the wrong people. As tiny baby she went from Serbia to a home in Podgorica, the capital of MNE. She was ok there for a while until her owner noticed little Karla’s legs were not how they are supposed to be. Karla became soon useless to her owner and was put ouside, while the other dogs were allowed to snuggle up inside the house. Eager to get rid of Karla, her owner contacted Canis, asking to euthanize her. Luckily vet Canis refused and spread the word, Danijela Vrucan Kralj heard the sad news and contacted us about Karla.

After a lot of networking, a life saving Home offer for Karla was found. We took little Karla in foster care and it became obvious very quickly the poor girl was badly abused. She initially didnt even dare to eat when someone was looking at her.

Now, a few months later, Karla is having the time of her life with foster mom Una Watts. Una says Karla is so clever and gentle, a toy to have around ❤ Unfortunately, Karla does struggle with her health still. To stop her from having diarhea, so far only an ashamely expensive brand of dog food helps, Royal Canin Hypoallergenic. Karla’s front legs got better, but now her back legs starting to let her down because of rachitis. Karla needs glucosamine and we ordered traumeel for her too. Soon new, more detailled, blood tests will be made to see if she needs extra calcium and/or vit D.

The costs of her blood tests and special food make it for us so hard to be able to keep covering her bills. Tomorrow our little fighter goes for rabies blood titer test, chip and vaccine which is estimated at another €100. Karla’s forster fee is €30 monthly, food excluded. Her transport is already booked. Karla will travel before Christmas to her furrever Home abroad ❤

Any donation, however little, would be a massive help for Karla and can be made through:

Please mention it’s for Karla ❤

Thank you so much for helping us to give the ones who were unlucky in start of life, the happy ending they so deserve,

your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site:

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