Bici, it seems we are too late, after all ๐Ÿ’”

It seems we are too late, after all ๐Ÿ’”

We took Bici in the beginning of 2019 from Paladini, a place in Bar mountains where about 50 homeless animals are kept, after we saw she slowly started to fade away. She was only 13kgs back then and tested positive on leishmania with a very high titer (> 4,5).

With high Hopes, Bici and we started her treatment with allopurinol and milteforan. Bici fought and gained 1,5kg, but then she started to loose weight, again. Around the same timeย our Greta collapsed because of toxoplasmose (she made a full recovery). We were not familiar with the disease and as both Bici and Greta came from Paladini, we rushed Bici to the vet to test her for toxoplasmose. She tested positive. Again with hight Hopes we fought together with Bici to battle her toxoplasmose. This was 1,5 month ago. Bici gained a little weight, but then it dropped, againย ๐Ÿ˜“

So we took Bici for another vet visit. It’s there where we heared the terrible news: Bici’s kidneys are damaged by leishmania and toxoplasmose and her tiny body is too weak to battle these diseases longer. There is not much Hope for Bici left.

We contacted different vets and her foster in Montenegro, asking for advise. We don’t want Bici to suffer. We all came to the agreement that Bici is still happy and enjoying life. She eats for 2 dogs and just loves her food.

Bici would travel in September 2019 to a wonderfull foster Home in Austria, where her mom Belina is living her happily ever after. We are so terribly sorry for her as she probably wont make it until then, and if she does, her body will be way too weak to be in a car for so long. So we had to cancel her spot on the transport.

Bici lives free at her foster place in Montenegro, meaning she goes wherevever she wants. Often she is with horse Kiki, relaxing in the straw.

However critical Bici’s situation is at the moment, we may not give up on her now she needs us the most. Her happily ever after is now, as she doesn’t have much time left. We want to spoil her with the most delicious food (which is also kidney friendly) and she might need more vet visits (to give her fluid to help her kidneys for example). We don’t want to push Bici but give her all that we can so she will leave this planet with the feeling that everyone loves her.

Any donation, however little, towards Bici’s food and possible future vet bills helps us so much to give Bici the best and more. Donations can be made through:
– PayPal:ย 
– bank account:
IBAN: BE40 3631 8770 7063

Please mention it’s for Bici โค

Thank you for not letting Bici down when she needs you the most,

your SAM-team ๐Ÿพ
Reg. nยฐ: 0719.431.578

Official Site:ย

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