Petal and Petra #dontforgetus

Our forgotten chubby ladies 💔

Ever heard of the Posavac breed? They are a wonderful gentle hunting breed with the most cutest floppy ears. Even more, SAM probably wouldn’t exist if Posavac Willy didn’t cross my path.

Both Petal and Petra are Posavac mixes, too. Beside that, they have so much more in common. Both were rescued from the streets second half of 2018. Both were skeletal. I will never forget Petal’s look when she peeked behind a bin. When we stopped our car, she was both terrified and happy in the same time and came to us, as she knew she was dying. Petra we found together with 4 tiny pups, struggling to survive.

Fast forward to today, Petal and Petra’s suitcases are prepared and they were nursed back to health. You can even say they are rather chubby now 🙂 Petra’s pups all survived too and grew into happy toddlers who are also still in foster care in MNE.

Petal is always smiling. The poor girl is so happy with every little thing she gets. Imagine how her face would look like if she would have access to a soft couch and a forever best friend… ❤ Petal and Petra are not together. Petal is in the free enclosure but Petra needed to be caged, as she showed to be an escaping artist and can find her way out of the free enclosure. Note Petra has a heart shaped mark on the top of her head ❤

For both girl we didn’t recieve any donation lately, and they are far from rescued, yet. Any donation, however little, to help us to keep Petal and Petra safe, is very much appreciated and can be made through:
– PayPal:
– bank account:
IBAN: BE40 3631 8770 7063

Please mention it’s for Petal and/or Petra ❤

If you like more info about (one of) them, don’t hesitate to mail to They are available for adoption and both can travel as of now.

Previous post about Petal:
Previous post about Petra:

Thank you for helping us to give them their happy ending they so deserve,

your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site:

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