Pupdate 💔 – Hope


Of the 6 pups, only one pup made it. We will give it the name ‘Hope’, for obvious reasons… The puppet is still in the clinic and we are waiting on confirmation from them to pick up the little fighter.

Their sad story in a nutshell:
We took 6 pups from the streets a few weeks ago. There was a mom but so far she couldn’t be caught yet to get her sterilized. We followed our protocol and tested the pups on parvo before they went into foster. They all tested negative and we had high Hopes for them.
Unfortunately after deworming, the fluffy pup got a little sick. It vomitted but no fever, no diarrhea and no blood in stool. We took it to the vet to let it checked just to be sure and we were perplexed this time the fluffy pup tested positive for parvo. The verdict was that they got parvo out of deworming. The sick baby was separated from his siblings and got daily infusions to battle parvo. It didn’t got more sick, but it died suddenly.

We then took the siblings to Canis, to test them on parvo too. They were healthy and showed no signs. Their parvo test was negative. A few days later foster noticed unfortunately also our healthy pups were starting to struggle and there was even blood in stool of one pup. We took them again to vet Canis to start therapy for parvo. When 2 more pups passed away, despite getting therapy and the best care, our only Hope was the clinic in Ulcinj. The 3 remaining pups were rushed to the clinic. There we heard the verdict that they didn’t have parvo, but distemper instead! Most likely they got it from mom dog but stayed immune as long as they were able to drink mom’s milk. Despite the efforts of the clinic, 2 more puppets died, leaving one surviving pup.

The surviving pup, Hope (pictured), is well and we believe it soon can leave the clinic.

Needless to say we feel heartbroken about the situation. The pups did’t have much luck in their short life and needed to fight parvo and distemper. We are so sorry we were not able to help them beat these diseases 💔

Please, let their story be an inspiration to help us sterilize as many street dogs as we can. Only in September 2019 we sterilized 14 dogs (6 females and 8 males): https://strayaidmontenegro.be/2019/10/01/sterilizations-september-2019/.

Previous posts about them:

Puppies are not supposed to die,

your SAM-team 🐾
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With the greatest sadness we have to tell that 3 pups passed away due to parvo. The fluffy little one who caught parvo during deworming died a few days ago, 2 other pups followed shortly after; one of them passed away while getting infusion at vet Canis 💔

Yesterday we brought the 3 surviving pups to Veterinum clinic in Ulcinj. They proved in the past being quite successfull with parvo treatment. Per pup they charge us €5/day excl. their care and meds/infusions. As only 3 of the 6 pups are alive, we do a DONATION STOP for them as of now. The money raised should be enough to cover the 3 remaining babies and at the moment we can’t even promise they will all make it.

So far they are reacting well on therapy and we have hopes at least some will make it.

Needless to say we are heartbroken about the situation. We were mostly able to keep little ones safe from parvo, until a week ago.
And parvo is out in Bar, more street pups tested positive for the disease meaning there is a new parvo epidemic again currently in Bar.

On a side note, so many puppies are suffering on the streets. Cute puppy pics should make people smile, but people who know a little about street life cry instead. 90% of the pups die before the age of 3 months. They get abused by people, ran over by cars, die of parasites or diseases like parvo. Meanwhile mom dog has no chance other than to watch the horror what is happening with her pups while trying her very best to survive herself. And yet people still keep buying deliberately bred pups… It is simple math, there are by far not enough Homes for all the dogs that live on this planet. Breeding pups, however ‘responsible’ it might be, means taking away the chance to live of a homeless soul. Dogs are not wild animals, they are domesticated (and bred) by humans through the years to be dependant of humans.

So please, sterilize, sterilize, sterilize. We put a donation stop for these little puppies, but for sterilizations we can never have enough donations.

Please read more about our sterilization program here: https://strayaidmontenegro.be/trap-neuter-return/
Today the 200th dog went into our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program ❤

We are so sorry for the horrible news we have to bring. Please remember: sterilize and adopt, never shop!

Your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site: https://strayaidmontenegro.be/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stray.aid.montenegro/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJldZtvmRiQLeJ-QMYnhgsg

What every puppy rescuer fears became reality, one of the pups tested positive for parvo yesterday evening, despite being tested negative when they went into foster care. The symptoms are mild, no diarrhea, no blood in stool, no fever, ‘just’ vomitting. The vet believes the pup caught parvo of the deworming and that it will survive. The tiny puppet got protective serum and infusion therapy. Also his siblings, who don’t show any signs, will get an infusion and the protective serum. Please keep these tiny musketeers in your mind and heart. The vet says they will be fine but, ofcourse, we are worried.

Our tiny musketeers were dewormed and defleed a few days ago ❤

Pups are safe into foster care since 9-09 ❤ If you can miss a little something, please don’t hesitate to donate towards their little lives (payment details see below) ❤

4,5 pups covered, meaning money for 1,5 pups to raise still, or €318,5 🙏

Thank you so much, Giselle ❤ – €25 and one puppet will be named Oscar or Audrey
Thank you so much, Flavia ❤ – €100
Thank you so much, Plant Circle ❤ – €50
Thank you so much, Tiffany ❤ – €110
Thank you so much, Magdalena ❤ – €20
Thank you so much, Alan ❤ – €10
Thank you so much, Ina ❤ – €100
Thank you so much, Kimberlyn ❤ – €16,5
Thank you so much, Flavia ❤ – €50

Their photo album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/StrayAidMontenegro/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2664613926903271
Video: https://www.facebook.com/StrayAidMontenegro/videos/411837346135056/


The news reached us that a mom and 6 pups are trying their best to survive on the streets of Bar. Pups are at the age they can leave mom. Sadly we already rescued pups from this mom. Despite all the attempts to catch her, she always escaped, even under influence of sedaline paste. She approaches people who she trusts but will never come closer than 1m.

We spoke with different organisations and rescuers who know the mom. Everyone is overwhelmed and there are pups around every corner. But if we dont take the pups soon, they will,with almost 100% certainty, all die (and yet people still buy pups from breeders but that’s another story). One pup was already thrown in the river a few days ago but was saved by local rescuers and put back with mom and siblings. They will start to follow mom more and more as they want to explore the world meaning they will be ran over by cars. Then there are diseases like parvo, distemper and without medical attention even parasites can kill them.

Mom is always there so by taking away her pups, the chance on catching her won’t decrease. So here we go…

We have 6 lives to save, one little male and 5 little females, so 6 pups in total. For each pup we are looking for €250. It’s also possible to sponsor a puppy monthly for 5 months with €50 or to share a sponsorship with someone else.
The amount of €250 is based on:

5 months foster fee of €20/month: €100
Rabies vaccine, 2 regular vaccines, passport: €35
Rabies blood titer test plus chip: €80 – €90
Parvo test, monthly defleeing, deworming: €25
TOTAL = €250 per pup
2 pups are already sponsored, one by Chris (you can pick and name one ❤) and one by myself (I will choose the one who remains last). Diana’s friends donated €150 (thank you!), which is together with the €50 from Rosanne (thank you!) almost a third pup covered.

Concrete we miss €800 or sponsors to be able to take all 6 off the streets, which we are planning to do tomorrow… Any donation, however small, to help us save a little life is very much appreciated and can be made through:
– PayPal:
– bank account:
IBAN: BE40 3631 8770 7063

Please mention it’s for the 6 pups ❤

If you like to sponsor a pup, please get in touch by commenting on this (original) post or mail to info@strayaidmontenegro.be.

Thank you for helping us to give them a chance on life,

your SAM-team 🐾
Reg. n°: 0719.431.578

Official Site: https://strayaidmontenegro.be/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stray.aid.montenegro/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJldZtvmRiQLeJ-QMYnhgsg

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