Cleo – available for adoption

DOB: 18-08-2018 (estimated)
Sex: female
Size: small/medium
Neutered: yes

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Medical: Fully vaccinated; passed rabiës blood titer test

History + character:
Gorgeous Cleo has the stunning looks of Cleopatra, however blonde. Cleo was just a baby of one month when a rescue angel found her and her family. Cleo looks just like a Posavac hound but is smaller in size. She is timid and reserved and awaits a kind family to show her the world. Dogs on the timid side do best when paired up with strong confident dogs. It is a recommendation but not a requirement. Please give our gorgeous girl a chance.

Good with:
– dogs: yes
– cats: not tested
– children: yes

If you are interested in adopting/fostering Cleo, please fill in our ‘Adoption/foster request‘-form online.

Cleo is not sponsored. Any donation, however small, towards her life is very appreciated.

If you have more questions about Cleo, don’t hesitate to mail to

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