Lottie – available for adoption

Sex: female
Size: small
Neutered: yes

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Medical: Fully vaccinated; passed rabiës blood titer test

History + character:

Lottie is a small dog, weighs 11 kg and will not grow anymore. She is very devoted, very affective and attached to (her) humans. She needs some time to relax with other dogs as she is used to spend time with her two dog buddies in foster that she considers her pack. But it doesn’t take her too long. She accepted the newest dog in foster quickly and now they are great friends!

As a puppy, Lottie was abandoned and probably wasn’t treated well on the streets, which made her quite shy and submissive.

She likes to play a couple of times a day, when she enjoys going for a little walk. When at home, she is not difficult at all and likes to take naps or take a toy and play by herself! Also, she never did some damage like biting the furniture and similar.

Lottie will 100% be an amazing company to whoever decides to adopt her! As she is now used to her fosters, she will need some time to relax the same way with her new family but then she will be your devoted companion for life!

Good with:
– dogs: yes
– cats: not tested
– children: yes

If you are interested in adopting/fostering Lottie, please fill in our ‘Adoption/foster request‘-form online.

If you have more questions about Lottie, don’t hesitate to mail to info@strayaidmontenegro.be.

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