Archie – adopted

The difference that love makes.

Archie’s future mom first saw his sweet gentle baby face when his hero Buba posted in on Facebook. Buba and her friends are heroes to the stray dogs of Montenegro, feeding them and often posting their sweet faces in the hope of finding them homes. It is a monumental task and many good dogs like Archie live very short and difficult lives.
For Archie’s mama it was love at first sight. One look into those docile eyes told her that he was far too gentle to survive on the street. She contacted Stray Aid Montenegro (SAM) who graciously agreed to step in and help her save him. Archie stayed in a SAM affiliated foster home and received vet care until his momma could come bring him home. Archie now lives a happy and full doggie life in Canada. He has two doggie sisters and a brother, all rescues, and he is loved and thriving. He even loves the snow!

Archie’s story is a miracle of sorts. It took a number of good people working together to save his precious life. It is a beautiful story with a happy ending but like many fairy tales it is only a pipe dream for all of the other hundreds of Archie’s living in fear and sadness on the street in Montenegro. Please won’t you consider giving one of them their very own happy ending?

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