Buddy – available for adoption

Sex: male
Size: big (26kg when taken into our care on 31-03-2020 but underweight)
Neutered: yes

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Medical: Amputated tail, will go for rabies blood titer test when borders are open again (delay due to COVID-19). He can travel 3 months after he passed that test. 4D-test negative to all diseases (leishmania, Erlichia, anaplasma, heartworms).

History + character:
Hi, my name is Buddy and I was a homeless boy once, like many of my friends. But then a caring person took me off the streets! I was allowed to live with her family and went to the vet for some unpleasant tickles which I was told are vaccines to prepare my suitcase. I was castrated too (not funny). A piece of my tail was amputated as it was badly infected and boy it hurted. But I can still waggle it like the best!
Since 31-03-2020 I live at another place, I can run free and have so many friends to play with! Don’t know which one to choose first! I’m a little on the skinny side but I promise I will be as fat as my friends in no time!

Good with:
– dogs: yes
– cats: not tested
– children: yes

If Buddy is your companion, please fill out our Adoption/foster request form or mail to info@strayaidmontenegro.be for any further questions.

Buddy is not sponsored. Any donation, however small, towards his life is very appreciated.

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