Sofia – Reserved

DOB: 3-11-2019
Sex: female
Size: small medium

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Medical: Fully vaccinated, passed rabies blood titer test

History + character:
Sofia was rescued begin Dec 2019 as a tiny puppy in Berane, the North of Montenegro. It was -9°C that evening. Sofia was rescued from the streets a few days earlier but couldn’t stay so much longer with her rescuers. Sofia thanks her name and life to the caring young girl who took her from the cold streets into her warm Home.

Sofia blossomed into a beautiful young teenager. She received all her vaccines and passed her rabies blood titer test.

Like our Audrey who we took the same evening from Berane, Sofia has the fluffy looks of a dog born in a colder region. Her little black eyebrows and bunny ears suit her character perfectly. Sofia is a very curious little lady and all she wants is to explore the world. She has an outspoken charachter and learns fast. New situations are still a bit frightning for her but her curiousity takes the upper hand in no time. Sofia is a small medium size. She is super with other dogs and has 2 little friends of the same age to play with.

Good with:
– dogs: yes
– cats: yes
– children: yes

If Sofia is your companion, please fill out our Adoption/foster request form or mail to for any further questions.

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