Blackie – Adopt me!

DOB: about 5 years old
Sex: male
Size: big (H55cm)
Neutered: yes

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Medical: Amputated ears due to gangrene, fully vaccinated, passed rabies blood titer test

History + character:
In 2015 Blackie was attacked by two American Stafford Terriers, who have an owner. Blackie was only a young boy back then. We were notified that a big dog had been lying all bloody for two days, probably hit by a car. When we found him, he was almost dead and already covered with flies. We immediately realised that the wounds came from dogs. His inner thighs were torn, the neck was all torn apart and one ear was hanging, a gangrene had already arisen. Wounded so severely, the big dog let us take him and carry him. After a surgery and stitching two days later, the whole skin of the groin began to rot. The vet decided to try to suture the wound without anesthesia and Bleki gave no resistance. He underwent two more revisions without anesthesia.
Sadly no one showed any interest in him and he was brought to Paladini. There he stayed, in a tiny enclosure of a few m2, alone, for 5 years… Blackie was known but no one was able to find a solution for him. Until Jan 2020, when a kind-hearted woman could not see him suffer in Paladini any longer. With no specific plan and a little money, she fought for Blackie and kept him safe at one of the foster places we work close with. And she is right. Blackie is pushed back for so long and soon his first grey hair will pop up.

Blackie now lives in an enclosure 4 times the size as his home of 5 years in Paladini. He has a massive dog house, is fed well, gets bones often and he feels how it is to be touched and loved by humans. He even has 2 dog friends!

Blackie needs an experienced owner and a place where he can run as he was never able to do that. A Home without other dogs is best for Blackie or he could go with a submissive female dog. Blackie doesn’t like cats. Blackie is a very active boy, who only wants to start his life so desperately. Despite all, he adores humans and would reward his best friend with love and loyalty.

Good with:
– dogs: not with dominant males
– cats: no
– children: +10 years

If Blackie is your companion, please fill out our Adoption/foster request form or mail to for any further questions.

Blackie is not sponsored. Any donation, however small, towards his life is very appreciated.

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