Bella – Adopt me!

DOB: about 5 years old
Sex: female
Size: medium
Neutered: yes

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro (on the streets)


History + character:
Bella is a stray dog in Montenegro that used to be very happy in the company of her friend Garo. Bella and Garo were inseparable for many years. They shared every meal, slept together during cold and hot days, barked randomly at cars, played and just did everything together! Everyone around the area where they were usually staying knew about them. Their charm couldn’t go unnoticed so they always got treats and cuddles from people and they got pretty chubby, which isn’t too common for strays but these two cuties knew how to get rewards for their cuteness!

Still, people from nearby market didn’t really like that Bella & Garo were stationed there all the time so they made sure to chase them away from time to time. They started to pass over a very busy road and although they knew how to take care of themselves, one day Garo was really unlucky… He got hit by a car and died immediately. Since then, Bella has been incredibly sad. She does not look for treats anymore, she does not even bark at cars or follows people around, she just spends days laying down, only greeting people that she remembers from before with sad sounds as they pet her. Those same people know how Bella used to be and how happy she was so seeing her in this condition is heartbreaking. It’s been over half a year that the sparkle in Bella’s eyes has disappeared and she is now always alone and lonely without her friend Garo.

The only chance for Bella to be happy again is to be surrounded with people that love her or perhaps a new dog buddy that she could get attached to again. Bella still lives at the same place so there is always a chance for her getting hit by a car too, even if she is not even nearly as active as before. She is a sterilized dog, probably around 5 years old.

She is a precious and loyal creature, always recognizing the car of the person that checks up on her and followed this whole situation. She spots the car from the other side of the street and runs to get cuddles, she even leaves the treats she’s given just for the cuddles! That’s the only time Bella seems like she has a will to live, when she is being cuddled and loved. Is there someone willing to embrace Bella and make her feel loved again, fill the void that Garo’s death left behind?

Good with:
– dogs: yes
– cats: unknown
– children: yes

If Bella is your companion, please fill out our Adoption/foster request form or mail to for any further questions.

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