Zeljka – Adopt me!

Born: 16-02-2018 (estimated)Sex: femaleSize: medium/bigNeutered: yes 🟥 Medical: healthy🟧 Currently in: Bar, Montenegro🟨 Can travel from: now🟩 History: from the streets of Niksic, Montenegro🟦 Character: very human orientated loves to cuddle will do anything for treats lives currently in the free enclosure with about 15 other dogs🟪 Looking for: lots of love and cuddles would … More Zeljka – Adopt me!

Onyx – Adopt me!

Born: 15-06-2020 (estimated)Sex: femaleSize: mediumNeutered: will be soon 🟥 Medical:🟧 Currently in: private foster care in Bar, Montenegro🟨 Can travel from: 15-02-2021🟩 History: rescued from the streets of Bar, Montenegro, as a tiny pup. She hid under the ground, in a hole in the sidewalk. 🟦 Character: active and playful terrier mix 🟪 Looking for: … More Onyx – Adopt me!

Neda – Adopt me!

Born: around 4 years oldSex: femaleSize: medium (28kg)Neutered: yes 🟥 Medical: fully vaccinated🟧 Currently in: private foster care in Bar, Montenegro🟨 Can travel from: 18-01-2021🟩 History: from Paladini🟦 Character:– playful with dogs and people– active– loves to cuddle🟪 Looking for:– a Home with a garden– a dog buddy to play with is a plus– many … More Neda – Adopt me!

Shrimp – Adopt me!

DOB: 26-05-2018Sex: maleSize: small/medium (13kg)Neutered: Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Leishmania positive, can travel from 18-04-2021 History + character:Shrimp’s birth date is estimated at 26-05-2018. With 13kg he is on the small side but he has a big personality and just can’t wait to finally explore and enjoy life. Shrimp is the sweetest little dog … More Shrimp – Adopt me!

Suzie – Adopt me!

DOB: 25-12-2019Sex: femaleSize: medium Neutered: yes Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Received all vaccins, passed rabies blood titer test, ready to travel History + character:This sweet girl once had an owner but was dumped because she was ‘disobedient’, while she was only a pup. Not knowing what she did wrong, Suzie ended up in Paladini … More Suzie – Adopt me!

Happy new year!

Happy new year ⭐Gelukkig nieuwjaar 🎄Frohes neues Jahr 🎉Srećna nova godina 🥳Bonne Année ☃ And how could we thank you better than the dogs whose lives you saved ❤️ Your SAM-team 🐾

COVID-19 update

Due to COVID-19 our transports are currently cancelled until further notice. It is still possible to fill out the adoption/foster request form but patience is required. Montenegro is not a part of EU and the EU removed Montenegro and Serbia from its coronavirus safe countries’ list. We currently have more than 15 dogs waiting to … More COVID-19 update

Ruzica – Adopt me!

DOB: Dec 2017Sex: femaleSize: small/mediumNeutered: yes Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: will go for rabies blood titer test when borders are open again (delay due to COVID-19). She can travel 3 months after she passed that test. History + character:Ruzica was born in Dec 2017 and rescued from the streets as a tiny puppy by … More Ruzica – Adopt me!