Marina – Adopt me!

Our little Marina isn’t a hot rod anymore. Slowly she starts to accept cuddles without growling when she is being touched. She is the sweetest little fluff, and her severe infections over her whole tiny body, caused by many foxtail grasses, are cured.

Marina passed her rabies blood titer test on 18-10-2022 meaning she can leave Montenegro from half Jan 2023. Marina is estimated to be around 4,5 years young (DOB: 14-03-2018). She isn’t sterilized, yet, as we aren’t sure if that is the best to do atm. Marina namely has epilepsy and sadly now gets attacks multiple times per week. Often she circles before an attack kicks in and sometimes it’s possible to prevent attacks by calming her when she starts to circle. Marina also sometimes seems lost in space and time, meaning that, when we call her name while we are next to her, she might not always know immediately where the sound comes from (partially deaf? brain damage from past abuse?). We do believe that the attacks can be managed in the future when the exact cause is known (food? thyroid function?). So it would be amazing if she is rehomed to a family that has experience with epilepsy and can monitor her 24/7. She doesn’t ask for much, and is obsessed with food. When food arrives, she jumps like a praying mantis ๐Ÿ™‚

For Marina we are looking for a calm environment where she will be treated like a little princess and is supervised 24/7 due to her epilepsy attacks. Her adoption fee can be discussed as we just want her to be happy in a lovely Home. Transportwise we might have a challenge but we will try to drive her Home ourselves, as foster daddy Edin knows exactly what to do when she gets an attack.

While Marina is absolutely adorable, her epilepsy will make it harder to find a Home for her, so please share this little beauty. We can not wait to see her Home โค๏ธ

If you fell in love with Marina, please fill out our online adoption/foster questionnaire. This is not binding and together we can see if Marina would be a match ๐Ÿพ

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