Ruzica – Adopt me!

DOB: Dec 2017
Sex: female
Size: small/medium
Neutered: yes

Currently in: Bar, Montenegro

Medical: will go for rabies blood titer test when borders are open again (delay due to COVID-19). She can travel 3 months after she passed that test.

History + character:
Ruzica was born in Dec 2017 and rescued from the streets as a tiny puppy by caring people. Unfortunately over the years Ruzica became very territorial, meaning she shows aggressive behaviour towards anyone (dogs and people) who want to enter the property of her owners. With the hands in their hair her owners tried to find a solution. Releasing her on the streets was no option as Ruzica does not know how to survive on the streets. A new Home was not found and euthanasia was considered. That’s when one of our vets contacted us, asking for help.

After a meeting with the owners and Ruzica, we believe this spicy lady deserves a chance. Since 9-03-2020 Ruzica officially became part of the SAM-family and moved to one of our foster families. Ruzica is available for adoption and we are looking for an experienced Home for her. Ruzica is a small medium size and has the gorgeous looks (and the spicy character) of a terrier. Outside her territorium she shows to be a good girl, not only to us but also to other dogs.

Good with:
– dogs: yes but can be territorial aggressive
– cats: not tested/no
– children: +10 years

If Ruzica is your companion, please fill out our Adoption/foster request form or mail to for any further questions.

Ruzica is not sponsored. Any donation, however small, towards her life is very appreciated.

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