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So many poor souls, we often feel so powerless… But we are not!

Together with your help, we managed to set up a TNR-project (Trap-Neuter-Return) since March 2017. Already 180 stray dogs, of which 90% are females, were sterilized in this program.

Less stray dogs are roaming in the streets of Bar and so far (knock on wood) poisonings in Bar by municipality have stopped! Even more, the municipality of Bar donated for sterilizations of 8 female street dogs! Unfortunately poisonings by private individuals still continue and often they get away with it unpunished due to lack of evidence.

Our neutered dogs are tagged and often more compassion is shown towards them (as they clearly were touched by humans before). Some even found a local home in Bar!

We still have a very long way to go, but these positive evolutions make us believe we can make a huge difference for homeless dogs in Bar. Obviously we would be nowhere without help. We like to thank our sponsors and local people who help us so much.

Please, help us to continue our TNR-program by donating any amount, however small.

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Thank you,

your SAM-team