Blackie – Adopt me!

DOB: about 5 years oldSex: maleSize: big (H55cm)Neutered: yes Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Amputated ears due to gangrene, fully vaccinated, passed rabies blood titer test History + character:In 2015 Blackie was attacked by two American Stafford Terriers, who have an owner. Blackie was only a young boy back then. We were notified that a … More Blackie – Adopt me!

Sofia – Adopt me!

DOB:Sex: femaleSize: small mediumNeutered: Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Sofia will go for rabies blood titer test when borders are open again (delay due to COVID-19). She can travel 3 months after she passed that test. History + character:Sofia was rescued begin Dec 2019 as a tiny puppy in Berane, the North of Montenegro. It … More Sofia – Adopt me!