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  1. Hello, me and my friend are in Kotor on holiday until Sunday. Yesterday we drove up to Durmitor and found three very young puppies on the side of a busy road going through garbage bags. One of the pups is quite skinny but all three are lively and loving. We took them with us in the car and gave them something to eat and drink. About an hour further up the road we found another young puppy on a bridge alongside a busy road all by itself so we picked him up as well. He is a sheep dog of some sort and seems pretty healthy and has a beautiful calm personality.
    We didn’t know where to take the young dogs so we kept them with us in a holiday apartment. Today we took them to Podgorica after looking up a couple of shelters but all said they couldn’t take them because of their young age and that they were about 4 weeks old. We have grown so fond of their beautiful nature and hilarious personalities so would really like to see them looked after. Please help these sweet young dogs, we are more than happy to drive to Bar tomorrow and meet with you.

  2. Oh this is so discouraging! I just read the story above from Nicole. I hope she was able to help those puppies further.

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