Looking for a new best friend? Big/tiny, chubby/athletic, young/old, we have them all… And the best part is: They are all rescued! Think about it, there are not enough Homes. Buying a bred pup means killing a homeless soul. It’s simple math. So, adopt, and never shop!

The adoption fee for a healthy, neutered dog is €350. This is amount covers the costs of the transport, sterilization/castration, 4D-snap test, vaccines, chip and passport, rabies blood titer test and a security harnass (see list of our costs).
The monthly foster fee, other vet bills and treatment, monthly defleeing and deworming are not covered with the adoption fee and we rely on donors to help us pay these bills.

All our dogs older than 7 months are tested on 4D which includes leishmania, heartworms, anaplasma and erlichia. If positive for heartworms and leishmania, an additional blood titer test is made so we can determine in which stage the disease currently is. Further, if leishmania positive, a blood count (hematology) and organ check (biochemistry) will be performed.

The adoption fee for a handicapped, not healthy (leishmania positive) or old dog (> 8 years) can be discussed.

We offer 3 options:
– foster only;
– foster with option to adopt, meaning after arrival you have 2 weeks to decide if you like to adopt the dog or not;
– immediate adoption.

Requests to adopt/foster one of our SAM-dogs can be submitted by filling in the ‘Adoption/foster request‘-form online.

Please click on the photo for more info (under construction)

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